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7 Steps to Deep Clean Your RV

Every living space needs a deep cleaning from time to time, including your RV. It helps to make the space feel fresh, tidy, and ready for the road. But like any big project, going in with a plan can help make the time you spend more effective, and we’re here to help. Here’s the Torrey Trails guide to deep cleaning your RV!

Note: Be sure to follow any special instructions provided by your RV’s manufacturer, and defer to their maintenance instructions on how to clean your RV and properly maintain it.


Let’s start with your living space first and get that interior clean!

Step 1: Declutter, Donate, and Organize

The first step towards cleaning any space is getting rid of what doesn’t serve you, or as Marie Kondo would put it, what doesn’t “bring you joy.” When living in a smaller space like an RV, you can’t store as much and thus must be more deliberate in deciding what to keep on board with you. You can sell or donate the items you no longer want or need.

Organizing your stuff is just as important as decluttering. The Wandering RV has a great article sharing 100+ RV Space Saving Ideas for Ultimate RV Organization. On the note of storage, it’s a good idea to also clean those cabinets, drawers, and other storage spaces in your Motorhome. These are often neglected during regular cleanings and can easily become breeding grounds for dirt, dust, and grime.

Step 2: Deep Clean your surfaces

Before you begin your RV cleaning, consider the size of your RV when selecting your cleaning products. Think about using products that don’t have a strong smell or strong chemicals as those can be much harsher in smaller spaces, making it hard to breathe. Take the extra precaution of opening windows and doors when cleaning no matter the products used.

Let’s talk dust! It builds up, even in an RV. Wipe down windows, countertops, your RV furniture, the dashboard, and other surfaces to get rid of dust. Make sure that when cleaning your dashboard, you use a dashboard friendly cleaner like Armorall to prevent damaging the surface and finish.

In the kitchen, clean your cooktop, microwave, and any other cooking surfaces. Food bacteria can continue to linger after typical post-meal cleanings. Take extra care to make sure your eating space is in tip-top shape by using more than just traditional soap and water.

Clean the bathroom. You should clean all surfaces here, from the toilet to the sink, and even the shower, as they can become hotbeds for mold and bacteria.

And let’s not forget the bedroom. It is recommended that your sheets be washed and changed once a week while comforters can go longer between washes. It is also recommended that you take care to vacuum your mattresses. Despite regular sheet cleaning, mattresses can still be covered in harmful dust and mites.

Need some recommendations on what cleaning products to use and keep on hand? We like this list from Do It Yourself RV. If you’re trying to go green with your cleaning products, we also recommend Mrs. Meyer’s Multipurpose Cleaner. It can be found on Amazon and at Target. It’s biodegradable and made with 98% naturally derived ingredients. The entire Mrs. Meyer’s product line has various fresh and mild scents which are great for use in a small, enclosed space, making it an ideal RV Cleaner.

Step 3: Flooring

Your floor should always be the last step in interior cleaning as dust and dirt will fall onto the floor as you’re cleaning other surfaces. Start with a meticulous vacuum to get all the crumbs and dirt up. For carpeting, you may consider doing some additional spot treatments or giving them a shampoo. If you happen to have a furry friend cohabiting your recreational vehicle, the Live. Work. Dream. Blog recommends investing in a portable carpet cleaning machine like this.

For other hard flooring, like laminate, follow up your vacuuming with a disinfecting mop, giving it time to fully dry before walking on the floors again. Before mopping, it is again recommended that you keep all windows and doors open to prevent a dangerous build-up of fumes.


Once you’ve finished cleaning the interior of your RV, move outside and give your RV’s exterior and tires some TLC. Just like when cleaning the inside, you want to start from the top and work your way down. Additionally, it might help to think of the outside of your motorhome in sections. When cleaning the inside, you will most likely move from room to room, so picturing the outside as multiple “rooms” might make this outer cleaning process less daunting and more efficient.

Step 4: Brush down the exterior and roof

Use a gentle brush with a handle extension to brush down the outside of your RV, knocking off any dirt, bugs, or leaves and loosening any grime. If you’re in the market for a new brush, we recommend any on this list from The RV Web Network. Now, if you feel comfortable, get on a ladder and brush off the roof as well, or have a helper take care of that for you.

While you’re looking at the roof (or someone else is) have them check the seals and other mechanisms on your roof to make sure there are no cracks or areas that need to be cleaned or repaired. Making sure these are clean should be a top priority for the upkeep of your RV. Allowing roof mechanisms to get too dirty or dry rot can force otherwise preventable repairs.

Step 5: Soap it up!

Time to crank up the car wash song and have some fun! Be sure to use commercial auto cleaning products that will be safe for the finish on your RV. Scrub down the exterior, including the roof, sides, and grill while keeping to the rhythm of the song. Try to gently loosen any stuck-on bugs and grime as you go, but keep in mind you may need to come back to some areas with a pressure washer on the gentle setting.

Need recommendations on which cleaners to use? We like this list from RV Hometown.

Step 6: Tires

Check to ensure that your tires are in good condition, paying special attention to the tread and pressure, looking for holes and more. Use commercial grade tire cleaner and an old towel to get rid of the grime and protect the surface of the tires. After a little elbow grease, they’ll be shining like new!

Need a recommendation on which tire cleaner to use? We like this one, that can be found on Amazon.

Other Maintenance

While maintaining the interior and exterior of your RV is important, there are a few other areas of your RV to make sure are in good running order as well.

Step 7: Awnings, Tanks, and the Engine

Some RVs have awnings that extend from the parked RV to provide a shaded outdoor space. It’s a good idea to extend the awning, clean it, and make any needed repairs or mends to it. An article of RV Cleaning Tips from the KOA Blog, recommends taking off the awning legs and allowing it to lay flat against the RV to maximize cleaning efficiency. This way you can scrub more easily without worrying about causing damage. If your motorhome came equipped with any other RV accessories, make sure to clean those as well.

Your RV also has a plumbing system, complete with tanks to support the system with both clean water and waste tanks. While you’re cleaning your RV, it’s a good idea to also drain and flush your tanks according to the instructions provided by your RV’s manufacturer.

It’s no secret that your engine also requires regular maintenance, so be sure to have it checked out with a licensed professional as needed to keep it running smoothly.

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