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The Wide Open Spaces of South FL: Home of Torrey Trails RV & Golf Resort

There’s no denying the appeal of South Florida - beautiful warm weather, white-sand beaches, swaying palm trees. Many people only think of popular coastal destinations like Miami, The Keys, Fort Myers, and more, but what they’re missing out on is the beautiful wide-open spaces of the Florida countryside. And that’s exactly where Torrey Trails RV & Golf Resort is located, in the heart of South Florida.

All there is to love about the Florida countryside

The countryside is an oasis - a safe haven from the smog, traffic and dense population of coastal destinations, but with all of the benefits of South Florida. You can play golf, tennis, pickleball and more year-round. Enjoy amazing fresh-caught seafood and locally grown produce that is found most of the year, including oranges, tomatoes, cucumber, corn, squash and more! Florida provides our country with tons of produce, but when you live down the street from farmers, you get it fresher and it tastes better. Plus, South Florida is an unmatched destination for cultural events and endless opportunities for weekend trips without going very far.

You can breathe deep out here with fresh clean air, which offers great health benefits, especially for those that suffer from asthma and other respiratory distress. Enjoy views untampered my sky rises and smog, as you get to know your neighbors. If the simple life with a small-town feel is what you crave, look no further. You have everything you need here and all the conveniences of modern life but without the over-crowded urban sprawl that can lead to stress, air pollution, and sharing germs with those around you. Small town life is all about a sense of community, neighbors helping neighbors, and enjoying life’s simple pleasures. It offers a sense of safety and well-being that can be hard to find.

The active community lifestyle we aim to cultivate here at Torrey Trails will be no different. Based in the small community of Bowling Green, Florida and closely located to Wauchula, both towns represent all of the goodness of main street Americana, where neighbors look out for one another, people say hello, and community matters. Torrey Trails RV and Golf Resort will be its own small community within the picturesque Florida countryside, where you can trade stress for relaxation and traffic for tranquility.

Torrey Trails: Close to Everything You Want & Need

Even though we love our small town, countryside location, you don’t have to sacrifice anything you need to live your best RV Lifestyle with us at Torrey Trails.

Bowling Green and Wauchula are home to many of your favorite restaurant chains as well as locally-owned restaurants, like Los Perez Family Restaurant and Giovanni’s on Main. Need groceries, supplies for your RV, clothing, tools, and more? No problem! Torrey Trails is mere minutes from great shopping, including Walmart, Ace Hardware, grocery stores, clothing boutiques, CVS, auto stores, and more. Everything you need is a short ride from our gates.

If you’re curious about access to healthcare, South Florida is home to world-class physicians and the brand new AdventHealth Wauchula Hospital, just 5 miles down the road. And it doesn’t stop there. Bowling Green and Wauchula are also home to great vets for your furry friends, dentists, optometrists, and other specialists for you. If you’re a seasonal RV-er, most physicians can coordinate with your primary care physician to support continuity in your care and overall health. Especially in light of recent events, it’s never been more important to plan ahead when it comes to your health on the road. Thanks to all of the recent developments in healthcare technology and communications, it’s never been easier to do so.

Why choose Torrey Trails?

So, you like South Florida - your safe haven from congested roadways, air pollution, overcrowding, germs, and stress. But why stay at Torrey Trails? So glad you asked!

Torrey Trails RV and Golf Resort is under construction now and slated to open in Fall 2020. Not only will this resort be brand new, but it’s also planned and built with you in mind. Yes, I’m talking about you.

Our developers have dedicated their careers to understanding the ins and outs of the RV Industry. They know what RV-ers need, and more importantly what they want - the things that make RV-ing a simple, enjoyable, and pleasant experience. Their combined years of experience and research have gone into making Torrey Trails an RV destination that goes above and beyond to make your stay a delight. From wide roadways to various types of concrete RV lots (pull-through, back-in, etc.) all fully landscaped with hook-ups that are at the right height (and easily accessible), navigating your RV in our resort is a breeze.

Once you’re settled into your lot, you’ll have exclusive access to our amazing, 5-star amenities which will include an executive golf course, a 55,000-gallon swimming pool, a hot tub, a sauna, 3-mile hiking trail, nature preserve, pickleball courts, tennis courts, shuffleboard courts, and so much more! Our clubhouse will sit in the middle of our amenities, and be a gathering place for the entire community, hosting breakfasts, game nights, movie nights, dances, concerts, and more. Grill with friends at the cookout pavilion, play with furry friends off-leash at our dog park and stay connected to friends and family with reliable wifi.

Being located in the glorious Florida countryside also means that there’s plenty of gorgeous, wide-open natural space to roam and explore. The previously mentioned 30-acre nature preserve provides not only majestic, breathtaking scenery, but also fresh, clean air without the distinct odors associated with other parts of the state. You can take deep, refreshing breaths without feeling cramped or crowded, knowing that our resort is designed for all of our guests to have plenty of space. There are wonderful opportunities for staying active in this space, including the 3-mile walking trail boasting the enchanting natural flora and fauna of our region and the excellent 9-hole executive Golf Course that winds along the edge of the preserve.

But what else do RV-ers, especially those aged 55+, want? Peace of mind. That is a huge part of what we are aiming for here at Torrey Trails. One of the biggest things that sets us apart is that our resort is built exclusively with RV’ers 55+ in mind. We strive to provide a sense of safety from a gated community where only guests can access our amenities. You will also find Torrey Trails to be a well-kept resort with friendly, helpful staff, including a dedicated activities director to plan social events for the entire community.

We also understand the importance of being around fellow travelers in a similar stage of life. As a resort specifically catering to RV’ers ages 55+, we are working to provide a resort and first-class RV experience tailored to the needs of RV travelers just like you. Whether you are a seasonal snowbird looking for that Florida sunshine in the cold months, a full-time RV’er seeking a luxurious stop in the Florida countryside for a while, or a first-time RV’er dipping your toe into the fabulous RV lifestyle, Torrey Trails is the perfect place for you to kick back, relax, and bask in RV luxury as you’ve never seen before.

When we open, our sincere hope is that Torrey Trails is more than just a place to stay for our guests. We’re working to create a safe haven where your cares and worries melt away and opportunities abound for fun, relaxation, and building community with your fellow travelers. A place where you can truly live your best life far enough from the crowded hustle and bustle of “city life”, but close enough to anything and everything you might need. At Torrey Trails, we are aiming for nothing short of paradise and we hope you will join us when we open this Fall. There is still quite a lot for us to accomplish between now and then, and we would love for you to be part of that journey with us! We have created an easy and convenient way for you to stay connected and keep in touch with us as we work toward our Grand Opening...

Become a Torrey Trails VIP

Stay in the know with everything happening at Torrey Trails RV & Golf Resort when you sign up to be a Torrey Trails VIP! What do you get as a Torrey Trails VIP? We’re so glad you asked! You’ll have exclusive access to early-bird specials, promotional offers, news, event sign-ups, and much more! Plus, as a VIP, you’ll get construction updates delivered straight to your inbox, and you’ll be the first to know about our grand opening events and specials happening Fall 2020.

Sign up today by filling out our contact form:

Book Your Stay

While we get ready for our grand opening in the Fall of 2020, you can go ahead and book your stay at the newest luxury RV resort in Southwest Florida now. For those who like to plan ahead, the timing is perfect - you can stay longer and save bigger when you book now at Torrey Trails!

Right now, you can book for 3 years and get the first 2 years for 25% off and the third year locked in at today’s rate. Here’s what that means at today’s rates... Year 1: $3,230.25

Year 2: $3,230.25

Year 3: $4,307 for a standard lot at our opening rate

Reservations are already starting to book up, so call 863-300-9639 now to get your luxury RV to escape to Torrey Trails on the books! For those looking for luxury RV living in a central location to Florida hubs like Tampa, Ocala, Orlando, and Fort Myers, Torrey Trails RV and Golf Resort is an incredible destination for snowbirds, RV rental beginners, and seasoned full-time RV travelers alike.

You can search all of Good Sam RV Parks for an RV Park, RV Campground, or RV Resort quite like Torrey Trails and come up empty-handed. Torrey Trails is the vey best of RV America for anyone looking for luxury RV living in the splendor of Southwest Florida. So, picture yourself here at Torrey Trails and let us help you live your best life.


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